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Mosquito Repellent Q & A

Is MosRepel Repellent safe for children

MosRepel Repellent also designed and formulated to protect children. If being placed in the mouth, t...

Is MosRepel Repellent safe

MosRepel Repellent does not contain DEET or any other pesticides. It is made by Citronella oil / Ger...

How long does the protection last

MosRepel Repellent has been tested by University that the effectiveness of repelling mosquitoes can ...

Does MosRepel Repellent work for me

For 99% of users, MosRepel Repellent does work, and it has been scientifically tested by University ...

Why do mosquitoes always bite me

Mosquitoes, for instance, are attracted up to 70 meters away by several factors including body odour...


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