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The scope of products repellent stickers

  Department of natural mosquito repellent paste plant extracts with the polymer gel matrix combined repellent stickers on the product scope of knowledge Xiao Bian following analysis, and go look at it. 
  Troop camping zipper essential supplies; 
  Household insect repellent use, especially families with children, to avoid the conventional products on the personal side effects and damage on the skin; 
  Outdoor adventure, next month leisure, travel, walking, fishing and other activities at night to use; 
  Offices, classrooms, dormitories, cafes, cinemas, hotels, hotels, parks, gardens, and other places; 
  There may be other places to use mosquito bites. 
  The company is strong, professionals are available, with modern means of detection, fully equipped, company with high quality products, competitive prices, fast service, good reputation service to every customer.