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Have knowledge about mosquito repellent bracelet

Mosquito repellent bracelet, has a dual role in decoration and insect repellent. Is being widely available, using 100% pure plant oil compound, safe, gentle and effective. Mainly suitable for children, adults and the elderly is equally applicable to enable people from mosquito bites. Main ingredients: lemon eucalyptus oil compound, lemongrass oil, lavender oil, peppermint oil. The bracelet material the use of ultra fiber material, super fiber is the best carrier of essential oils can maximize the absorption of essential oils and has a slow-release function, so repellent efficacy bracelet maximized. Brushed ultra fiber strap, soft and comfortable, stylish and dynamic. This product can also cooperate with mosquito spray mosquito repellent incense more to increase the life of the ring 16 times; because the material has a strong adsorption, 
Mosquito repellent bracelet Features: The first generation of mosquito repellent bracelet is made of pure natural citronella oil to dry distillation of lemongrass, lavender taste like fruity and comprehensive. The most important feature is citronella insect repellent, the most suitable for use in the summer. Is fairly well-known insect repellent essential oils, and harmless. Warm and calm herbal smell is also suitable body to assist the elderly and infirm nursed back to health, but also can make infants get psychological comfort, such as infants and young children to sleep at night because of mosquitoes cause more instability, night crying. 
The second generation of mosquito repellent bracelet on the basis of the first generation of lemongrass essential oil of lemon eucalyptus on the added oil, lavender essential oil extracts and other natural ingredients. In the first generation of products to increase the effectiveness of the efficacy of lemon eucalyptus oil, when hot feeling irritable, it can bring a fresh feel, helping to clarify thoughts. Especially eucalyptus oil, it has a calm emotional effect, make the mind clear and focused. Lavender essential oil efficacy is emotional stability, eliminate frustration, soothe trauma. Make it easy for you to sleep, relieve anxiety, relieve muscle fatigue. 
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