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What is repellent stickers

Insect paste is a cross made from natural plant formula, scientifically formulated long-term environmental insect paste product, the Department of natural mosquito plant extracts with the polymer gel matrix combined with the use of slow-release droplets coated and constant speed control technologies for natural mosquito repellent materials developed from plant extracts. Simply Veg repellent clothing in any part of the body or near the location, can last 12 to 48 hours to form a protective circle of mosquito within the range of 4-6 meters in diameter, effective mosquito control, green products, non-toxic , harmless, is home essential commodities. 
Mosquito repellent stickers easy to use, simply repellent paste directly into the pockets, or thrown off the paste film, paste in socks, underwear outside or shirt, Kujiao, skirt the inside, can also be affixed to the bedside, office furniture, tables chairs near the body position. 
Suitable for families, classrooms, offices, workshops, hotels, parks, jungle, water, meadows, fields, movie theaters, roadside cafes and other arbitrary places. Especially suitable for outdoor spaces and pregnant women and infants summer mosquito. Mosquito repellent stickers Japan and Southeast Asia has become the best-selling natural plant repellent products. 
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