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Mosquito Bracelet Precautions

  Mosquito Bracelet Note the following main points, below go look at it. 
  1 If you wear a product or a place to feel itchy skin, redness, discontinue use immediately, wash with soap responsive site, and rinse with water, apply hand cream and so on. 
  2 If the user for cosmetics and liquid plaster and other very sensitive, closely observed use. 

  3 for cosmetics and other people who are allergic to avoid using. 

  Mosquito Bracelet Precautions

  4. use if the FDA cosmetics, perfume, drink or use, will lead to product efficacy declined. 
  5 If you accidentally rub your eyes cause eye irritation, please immediately rinse with water. 

  Note: The repellent products based environment, temperature and other natural factors, the effect after wearing each person is different, can effectively prevent and reduce stare mosquito bite, but not a hundred percent after saying no to wear mosquito bites.

Mosquito Bracelet

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