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To the Dealers (Agents) of Anti-mosquito Products

To the Dealers (Agents) of Anti-mosquito Products:

Original Equipment Manufacturer。

Dear Dealers (Agents) of Anti-mosquito Products,
Shenzhen Xiang Xing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a Chinese export corporation 
(www.China-Export-Corporation.com), mainly manufactures anti-mosquito products and original 
Mosquito Repellent
Main products include:
1. Electronic anti-mosquito device with an 896-hour effect (Click here to view details)
2. Baby anti-mosquito patch (wipe) with essential oil for a 72-hour protection (Click here to view details)
3. Magic anti-mosquito bracelet, anti-mosquito anklet, anti-mosquito band and anti-mosquito vervel (Click here to view details)
Mosquito Repellent
We have other anti-mosquito products (OEM) and you could also customize the products according to your need.
We are devoting ourselves to improve product quality so as to expand a broader market, and 
Mosquito Repellent
your trust would be our motivation. Our advantages include:   
1. Reliable quality;
2. Adequate stocks: ___ _,000 pieces of products could be in an immediate delivery;
3. Strong productivity: _____,000 pieces of OEM only needs ____ days;
4. Attractive price;
5. Safe and convenient transaction: Under the premise of safe transaction, we can avoid the 
Mosquito Repellent
recessive cost in purchase. 
We also provide you with some other services for a more convenient transaction. (Attached 
Mosquito Repellent
photos of plants, production lines, offices and warehouses)         
Introduction to Shenzhen Xiang Xing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.:  
Shenzhen Xiang Xing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (www.China-Export-Corporation.com) is 
China’s leading manufacturer and exporter of anti-mosquito products in the markets of 
Europe, Middle East and Africa. Since its foundation, the company has received substantial 
support from the Chinese government as regard to export tax rebates subsidies, tax breaks, 
and preferential supply for industrial land. By January 2016, there are millions of consumers 
and households have used our products and we received a positive evaluation from users of 

those regions.

 insect repellent

If you are a dealer or an agent of anti-mosquito products, please leave your e-mail address 
 insect repellent
at the bottom of the webpage or send us an e-mail. You will receive unexpected product 
 insect repellent
quality and quoted prices of products for our future win-win cooperation.
Moreover, we can offer our further help (the lowest cost of labor will be charged for this)   
Help your electronic anti-mosquito products rank the top places on Google.    
Help you build a website for your electronic anti-mosquito products on mainstream social 
 insect repellent
network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. You will also receive powerful 
online marketing services like diffusion of brand names, promotion of marketing campaigns and 
Ad push. In brief, you can e-mail us your ideas, and you would never regret choosing us.

You can contact us by:
E-mail: postmaster@china-export-company.com
Skype: 86-0769-82006027
International Call: 86-13652680962                             

Business Address: 
Shenzhen Xiang Xing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Foreign Trade Department):

Jan. 1, 2016