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Instructions on the use of the mosquito repellent bracelet

Many parents do not want to spray their children with chemical laden sprays and lotions. If you are looking for a way to protect yourself and your family from annoying and painful mosquito bites you will love these unique and easy mosquito repellent bracelets. They are all-natural,protection from mosquitoes for children over the age of 3, adults and pets too! The active ingredient in these bracelets is 100% Natural Citronella oil.  They are super easy to carry and travel with making them great for sports and camping and just playing outside at the family picnic.  You will have 240 hours of mosquito free fun per band. Best of all they can be resused. It’s 240 effective hours per band this means that after you use it for an hour put it back in the resealable bag and you have 239 hours left. The 15 Pack offered by Simple Natural Products give you a total of 3,600 hours of protection. Best of all they actually work and deter mosquitoes. If you are anything like me the Zika virus is something that I don’t want to mess with so I bought two packs of these for my family.

Instructions on the use of the mosquito repellent bracelet

These flexible bands will fit kids or adults easily and don’t fall off like other products have been known to do.  The microfiber and material style bands will smell bad and don’t work. These Mosquito Repellent Bands by Simple Natural Products allow for the full release of the natural ingredient that will last a long time. They work and they’re easy to get kids to use them.  Just slip on a band and go.

Considerations before Purchase

Before you start sorting through the numerous choices on the market, you need to be well aware of what you expect and need your insect repellent to do. Ask yourself these questions before you start your search.

1.What Type of Protection do you Need? – Different insect repellents have different ingredients that target specific insects. Where you will be and what you want protection from will dictate the type of insect repellent that will work the best for you.  Where you are going, the type of insects you want protection from and how heavy the infestations are will all determine which type of protection is best.  Some people even get several types of insect repellents that will work for different situations.

2.What form of Insect Repellent do You Prefer? – There are several different methods in which insect repellents are applied. Which kind you prefer will depend largely on whether you need a repellent that goes only on your clothing and gear or repellent that can be applied to the skin as well. Many use a variety of methods, for instance, they will wear a bracelet and spray repellent on gear and the clothing before getting dressed.


3.Scented or Unscented? – Many insect repellents have a strong odor associated with them. Sometimes the scent is more tolerable than others, but if you can’t stand the smell you won’t be able to wear the product. Be sure to read information and reviews on what other customers are saying about the scents of the different insect repellents. Keep in mind that you will be wearing the repellent for several hours at a time.