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Best insect repellent for camping-Fly mosquito repellent

  • Description:Best insect repellent for camping,Fly mosquito repellent and block,FREE 9 refills - Comes with 9 refills for 75 days or more,one refill can last 5-7 days. When your refill is finished, simply remove and replace when done.
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Best insect repellent for camping-Fly mosquito repellent and block

• Whole season outdoor protection- Best Pest Control Repeller Products for Ticks, Ants, Insects & other Mosquitoes.
• FREE 9 refills - Comes with 9 refills for 75 days or more,one refill can last 5-7 days. When your refill is finished, simply remove and replace when done.
• ADJUSTABLE - The bracelet is lightweight and adjustable to fit children, and adults of all ages. Length: 9 in / 23 cm.
• WATERPROOF - Like spending time near water? You can wet the bracelet while fishing or playing.
• ECO-friendly and health-friendly - Made from lemon citronella plant essential oil, do not contain DEET ect. chemical composition.

Best insect repellent for camping

Fly mosquito repellent and block

The flying saucer mosquito repellent bracelets

1.Ingredient : Lemongrass lavender Syzygium aromaticum Natural essential oils etc
2.Product Features: Use a variety of plant essential oil formula  Do not contain chemical composition such as drive midge amine The application of nano slow-release technology 
Long-term effective. 
3.Security is waterproof, easy to use
4.method of application Worn on the wrist ankle can drive midge Drive midge module can be replaced The use of the drive midge module for a week around .Please pay attention to timely replacement 
5.Using the environment: outdoor use

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1 Why do mosquitoes always bite me?

Mosquitoes, for instance, are attracted to you from up to 70 meters away by several factors including body odour, exhaled carbon dioxide and by radiated heat. The feeding urge is then triggered when the insects' sensors come within range of the lactic acid on your skin.


2 Will the Mosquito Bracelets work for me?

For 99% of customers, Mosquito Bracelets work, and it has been scientifically tested by University and proven to work also. However, for some people it doesn't work due to certain body chemistry's and other overpowering smells such as perfume.


3 Are the Mosquito Bracelets safe?

Our anti mosquito repellent bands do not contain  pesticides. They are made of Citronella oil. This active ingredient is considered to be GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the EPA and FDA and is included in exempt product listings.


4 Are the Mosquito Bracelets safe for children?

Our anti mosquito repellent bands are also designed and formulated to protect children. If being placed in the mouth for instance, there is no liquid chemical being emitted or ingested. For infants, we recommend though that you place & attach the Mosquito Bracelet to their stroller or carriages, out of their reach.


5 Are your Mosquito Bracelets safe for the environment?

The Repellent contained in the Mosquito Bracelet is made from herb to form a very effective insect repellent and will not harm the environment.vided plastic container for later use.


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